Wallace Perimeter Security Fencing

Characterized by its attractive profiled mesh panels, Wallace fencing sets new standards for fencing functionality and aesthetics. Secure your site with Wallace Perimeter Security wire fencing.

Welded Mesh

Heavy gauge welded wire fence mesh 
is the preferred solution for perimeter protection of sensitive sites. Cutting an opening in the mesh is time-consuming and difficult. Use of small mesh openings discourage climbing by eliminating hand and foot holds. Welded mesh will not unravel or lose structural integrity if cut. Assortments of panel fixations are available depending on security and budget requirements.

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Woven Wire

Woven wire fences are one of the most secure and versatile fences on the market. Woven wire is structurally strong and provides lasting protection. Wallace meets and exceeds the industry standards with a variety of finishes, spacing and wire diameter options.

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UniFence is a modern fence that combines versatility, beauty and strength. The strength of the “U” profile and through connection of the vertical rods makes the UniFence undeniably stronger.  UniFence has been proven to take 2.5 times longer to breach than traditional welded wire.  From protecting where children play to protecting critical infrastructure, UniFence guards what matters.

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