CGTT Series Speedgate

The Corridor SpeedGate is a high speed, corridor security gate solution. Factory-assembled and tested, the folding corridor gate is a standard 8 feet wide, and features a rapid cycle time of 7 seconds and a small environmental footprint.

The Corridor SpeedGate can integrate into most existing sites and architectures and requires little maintenance. Its factory assembly ensures that site exposure is minimized, operational downtime is reduced and associated time costs are eliminated.

CGTT Pedestrian Corridor SpeedGate

Wallace Perimeter Security’s corridor gate is a high speed, indoor pedestrian security gate solution. 


  • Drive motor secured inside column
  • Minimal footprint
  • Variable frequency drive


  • Pedestrian access in Corrections

Technical Specifications

Technical DataCGTT Series Specifications
Max Height8'
Max Width8'
Opening Speed4 seconds
FinishHot dip galvanized, Powder coat options 
Power RequirementsVoltage 208-240 V, Frequency 60 HZ, Current 20 AMP dedicated circuits, Single phase
Hydraulic OptionNo
Battery Back-upAdd on

Listed to UL 325 (class 1, 2, 3 & 4)

CGTT Series Videos

CGTT Corridor Gate in Operation