We Believe

To our world’s gatekeepers, our sentinels, the men and women who guard our walls, to those who serve and protect, who mind what matters, we salute you and serve you.

Because we know this: when it comes time to let the inside out or the outside in your duty doubles. We understand it’s risky business when the perimeter is breached and the gates are open.

It’s why we build our gates the way we do; why we put more into them – more design, more thinking , more innovation, more service and all of ourselves. Around here good isn’t good enough. We know feeling truly secure requires more than pieces of steel. It demands peace of mind. A comfort that comes from minding the details, like a craftsman’s caring touch, clear packaging, assembly instructions and a team who always go the extra mile to mind the customer. We’re proud to make openings that close quickly, reliably and securely, because we know that whatever our gates happen to guard, it matters.

Wallace Perimeter Security. Guarding what Matters.