Rampart 286 - Single Wire

Rampart 286 - Single Wire Fencing

RAMPART 286 fence panels are aesthetically attractive and a cost-efficient alternative to traditional ornamental fencing. The special 3D technique ensures that in spite of its limited weight that this profiled panel is still astoundingly stable.

Recommended Application

  • Corporate, college campuses
  • Housing projects
  • Pools, amusement parks, and public parks
  • Overpasses and parking facilities

Technical Specifications

Technical Data Rampart 286 Specification
Mesh Opening 2" x 8" (50 mm x 200 mm)
Gauge of Horizontal Wire 1 x 6 GA (5 mm)
Gauge of Vertical Wire 1 x 6 GA (5 mm)
Standard Height 4', 6', 8' (1230 mm, 1730 mm, 2430 mm)
Standard Length 8'2" (2508 mm)
Finish Powder Coat


Depending on the project requirements, Wallace offers a variety of brackets and posts to fit every requirement. Please contact us if you need any assistance on picking the best option for your project.

Post Options

  • 2 3/8" Round Post
  • 2" x 2" Square Post
  • 3" x 3" Square Post

Bracket Options

  • Round Post Bracket: Standard for 2 3/8" round post. 

Rampart Welded Wire Videos

Secure your property in a fraction of the time with Wallace Perimeter Security's quick-hang caps. Each line post cap is equipped with two small hooks that allow welded wire panels to be hung with ease by a single installer. Currently available for 2 3/8" round posts only.

Watch this video to see for yourself the security benefits of Rampart Welded Wire over Chain-Link.